Very early I became interested in the medical problems of the so called Third World, wishing I would somehow be able to contribute even a very small part to the solution.
Doctors for the Third World - renamed German Doctors in 2013 - and INTERPLAST Germany, both dedicated humanitarian NGO's, provided possibilities to do just that.
In this way I also got to know circumstances of life of people having to carve out a miserable existence at the bottom of social hierarchy but also immense fortunes at the top of the scale. I am especially moved by the fate of children. Their chances of leading a carefree childhood, of healthiness and education are sometimes very slim to nonexistent.
Working without familiar personal and material resources is difficult for nurses, surgeons and anesthetists, due to prevailing conditions.
On the other hand it is most satisfying, once we accept, we are talking about help in individual cases only. One might deeply regret this point of view - all the same it paints a realistic picture of options for a small medical  team. The proverbial drop on a hot stone.
In the years 1984 an 1985 I undertook medical assignments for  "Doctors for the 3. World" in the Philippines.
We went to  Tondo (Manila), the province of  Abra and the island of Palawan.
2012 I went to Tanzania with INTERPLAST Germany.
We worked in the hospital of the  Sisters of the Holy Cross in Puma, province Singida.
2013 we followed up with another mission of INTERPLAST Germany in this East-African State.
This time our places of work were:
Matema Lutheran Hospital on the Northern shore of the Njasa-lake (Malawi-lake) and
Ilembula Lutheran Hospital in the  district Iringa.
2014 October/November:
Matema Lutheran Hospital
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