Ilembula 2013
Ilembula Lutheran Hospital has 317 beds and is one of four hospitals in the district of Iringa.
Also here everybody would like to see more financial support by the Public Health Care System.
The equipment in the OR is slightly better than in Matema, which does not mean it is good.
Next to a broken western type anesthesia machine there is the unavoidable penlon system with Halothane vaporizer.
The monitor is not working either so you have to make do with a small pulse oxymeter and a blood pressure monitor on the wrist.
Since many years there are however ties to Norwegian and Finnish Hospitals, so you will see quite a number of Scandinavian doctors, nurses and midwives helping out.
The team was able to perform only a few operations due to circumstances.
All in all it was a very interesting trip, leading up to the decision to intensify the collaboration with Matema Lutheran Hospital.