Problems in joint practices, group practices, medical care units, clinical departments, senior citizen's homes, public health authorities?
Mediation and Coaching is advisable in conflicts in the medical sector:
  •            when partners do not cooperate well anymore
  •            when there are diverging perceptions regarding questions relating to staff, economic and conceptual policy
  •            when there are deep conflicts between members of the team
  •            when working atmosphere and commitment are taking a change for the worse    
  •            in case of increasingly unpleasant and confrontational meetings 
  •            in case of permanent conflicts and mutual blockades on management level    
  •            when there is desire to make a change either in professional activities or personal life. 

Unresolved onerous conflicts and emotions prevent any meaningful collaboration pointing into the future or - if it comes to that - an objective, businesslike separation.  Even when positions seem to be very far apart, there are always possibilities to pursue common avenues.  

your institution could be characterized by seemingly insurmountable differences of opinion or intractable problems, if it does not seem possible to reach solutions any more because of either fundamental or personal differences, thus conceivably threatening the success of the institution - I am at your disposal.    
Please do not hesitate to contact me by eMail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - for noncommital appointment.
About me:
As co-founder and senior partner of a large joint practice in Anaesthesiology with more than 30.000 anaesthetic cases per year, I had ample opportunities to gain experience over a period of 27 years in human ressources management, administration and capital budgeting.  This includes expert knowledge in dealing with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (AHIP), Employer's Liability Insurance Association and private insurance companies.  Occuring conflicts had to be handled.  
I received training and certification as Mediator (univ.) and Coach (univ.) at Institut für Mediative Kommunikation und Diversity Kompetenz (IMK) of the Free University Berlin after the guidelines of  Federal Association Mediation (BM e.V.) as well as after the standards of the Association for Coaching and Training e.V. (dvct). 

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