Genealogical researches in Germany, in France, in Belgium and the Netherlands
german ancestors in France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, in Austria
french ancestors in Germany, in Switzerland, in the Netherlands, in Austria, in Belgium
dutch ancestors in Belgium, in Austria, in France, in Switzerland, in Germany
belgian ancestors in Austria, in Germany, in Switzerland, in France, in the Netherlands
austrian ancestors in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Germany, in Switzerland, in France
swiss ancestors in Germany, in France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Austria
Heir search
on international level  
International search for persons in German, French, Dutch and English.
Search for persons, natural parents of adopted children, divorced fathers, alumni, lost friends, puppy love
our service for you:
We are proficient in French, German and Dutch. That is why we are able to keep up a straight foreign-language correspondence with our clients and the relevant authorities.
So if you are looking for professional support for your genealogy in France, Belgium and the Netherlands: please do not hesitate to contact us.
Research in Archives and Libraries
History of a Property
Photos of your ancestors' tombs in cemeteries , dwellings, schools, buildings, hospitals, places of memory...
Data management
Sorting, checking and verifying  your respective (inherited) records, letters and documents, compiling lists, database management
Making application for your documents in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands
You attend to the  history of your family, I translate your requests
Translations and transcription of old German script
Translation of your requests and documents in/to  German, French, English and Dutch, Transcription of old German script (e.g.Sütterlin)
Genealogical Tourism
Careful preparation  of genealogical and  on-topic tours. On-site escorted tour in the language of the country.
Personal assistance and support with research in archives, cemeteries, libraries and city districts.
Genealogical ideas for a present
for example: birth of a child, wedding gift, birthday of a dear relative...