creative research
You do not speak German, but are looking for relatives in Germany?
Members of your family in Bavaria? In Munich?
You do not have the time to travel in person for necessary research? 
You would like to pleasantly surprise someone with a certain document?
I will help you find objects of interest like that. 
I will research for you in archives, libraries, in cemeteries ...
and in the internet.
Genealogical researches in Germany (Austria, Switzerland), in France, in Belgium and the Netherlands ! 

and more:
You would very much like to see a picture of the place of birth,
the house, the school, the grave e.g. of a close relative?
I am especially concerned with Jewish genealogy - looking for information about persons who passed through or ended up in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland or Germany.
I will of course travel, if this should be necessary or helpful to obtain pertinent information.
Please contact me in German, French, Dutch, Italian or English.
We will determine together if it is worth your money and my time.
Mireille Vandersanden and the team of
                                                genialogic-creative research and more