Regarding genealogical research there is always the problem where to start and where to end. And when to end. Or if the investigation  is leading somewhere at all.
That is why we would like to discuss the options with you – before we really begin.
Our prices (without VAT):
Tariff "office": from 50 € /hour
(Internet-research, documentation, correspondence)
Civil status documents (registry offices, archives, parishes: 
Searching and ordering a record - 50 €
Translating a record - 50 €
"Deciphering" or transcribing a record - from 50 €, depending on complexity
Tariff "archives": from 60  /hour
Researches in archives, libraries, museums, etc.
+ external costs (costs for archives, traveling expenses, copy costs, etc.)
Tariff "outdoor": from 70  /hour
(City guide, interviews, taking photos and documentation by camera, representations, accompaniments, organizations)
+ external costs (costs for archives, traveling expenses, copy costs, tickets, fees etc.) 
Tariff "investigation": from 60 € to 120  /hour - by value of the estate
(Heritage investigations for administrators of estates, lawyers and notaries, courts, assistance for genealogists and heir search companies)
+ external costs (costs for archives, traveling expenses, copy costs etc.)  
External costs (cost for archives, travelling expenses, postal charges etc.) :  
These costs are not included in my charge and will reflect actual prices. They are added to the costs but will be billed separately. 
Cost for archives in Germany:
Services of archives in Germany always involve costs, which - depending on archives - can vary considerably. 
Should genialogic-creative research and more not be able to investigate the problem itself, one of the specialists from our professional network will perform the search locally to the favorable conditions of genialogic.
Traveling expenses
Costs for tickets inside of the city of Munich will not be billed.
Should travelling outside Munich become necessary, we will charge 0,40 €  per kilometer when using a car – alternatively the actual cost for a train - or a plane ticket.
A reasonable flat rate per overnight-stay will be charged.
The VAT will be added according to the currently applicable guidelines in Germany (19 %) 
In the beginning of a project we may ask for a down payment, which will be negotiable.